Spider-Gwen #8

Spider-Gwen #8

SPIDER-WOMEN: PART 5! The Spider-Women return to the Marvel Universe! Silk's homecoming is cut short, though, when they learn that CINDY MOON of EARTH-65 has paid the MU a visit, too, and she's caused a few problems for ALL of the Spider-Women. Gwen's universe has now made itself known-- and it can't go well for her.

Title:Spider-Gwen #8
Edition Language:English
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    Spider-Gwen #8 Reviews

  • Letande D'Argon

    The fifth part of the crossover... You know, all the problems I've mentioned before aside, Spider-Gwen so far is an awful reading as a stand-alone thing. If you're not a big fan of MARVEL, this comic ...

  • Rosie

    i really enjoyed the dynamic between gwen and cindy in this issue!...

  • Kim Song

    Not sure why others rated this issue lower than a 5. Maybe because it completely focused on Silk and not Gwen? I'm a huge Silk fan and her series is the only one I read out of the three Spider-Women i...

  • Edna

    Good stuff! I liked that Gwen was finally seeing Cindy in a different light. I've been wanting that since day one. Gwen's origin story actually involved Cindy-65 which I thought was an interesting twi...

  • A.G.

    "This is just what happens when you put too much faith in people."...

  • The Sapphic Nerd

    Finally! Cindy and Gwen working together instead of catfighting! And a really cool confrontation with the Cindy from Earth-65! The art in this one is pretty cool too!...