Crawley House (The Hauntings of Kingston #1)

Crawley House (The Hauntings of Kingston #1)

Each tale of The Hauntings of Kingston is a standalone novel that takes place in the enigmatic city of Kingston, Ontario.
Her chance at a new life is going to kill her.

When Gillian and her family move into the old house on Harvest Street, it's too good to be true. The rent's dirt cheap, and it's right next door to the University she’s going to be attending. With her recently widowed mother on board, there’s a ready and willing babysitter for her five year old daughter Sarah.
Who could ask for anything more?

When Gillian’s mother Maureen discovers a family connection to the house they see it as Providence. They’re meant to live here!

But then… odd things start to happen.
Sarah loves the swing in the backyard and her new friends—twin girls only she can see. The odd becomes foreboding when Nana Maureen can’t sleep in her room. She’s constantly woken up by creaking floors, nightmares of being strangled, and the smell of rotting flesh.

The family has always been loving and close, but now the atmosphere between them is tense. Small disagreements explode into rage.

What on earth is happening to them?

They don't know about the evil that descended upon the house. How, almost a century ago, dashed dreams rose again into a rage— a murderous rage. A rage that still breathes in the very walls of this home.

This is how it began and how it will end. At Crawley House.

Title:Crawley House (The Hauntings of Kingston #1)
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    Crawley House (The Hauntings of Kingston #1) Reviews

  • N.N. Light

    I love a good ghost story and this one didn't disappoint. The storyline felt realistic and I grew attached to the characters. The hauntings were believable and reminded me of V. C. Andrews. I can't wa...

  • Donna Thompson

    "Crawley House" by Michelle Dorey, was not what I expected. But in this case, it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Expecting the usual run-of-the-mill new owners/ghost formula, I was treated ...

  • Tisha

    It was a good book. Your standard ghost story. There were two things I really liked about the book. One was that the book was separated into essentially two stories....the story of the original murder...

  • Karrie

    Michelle Corey Rocks!I really liked the main story! It was original and I couldn't put down! The second story took a moment to really catch my attention, but as soon as I did I was not disappointed!...

  • Rebecca Deanna

    One you won't want to put downThis is the kind of book that grabs my attention and holds it. But don't read it without a light on....

  • Melba sikes

    Spellbinding.This story held me in suspends from start to finish. I recommend this book to all who enjoy suspense stories....

  • Lisa

    Loved itThis book pulled me in right from the start, I love the characters and storyline so much, an look forward to more books by this author.....

  • gayle spencer

    This was one of the best books I've read in a long time!! It was so good that I read it all in one afternoon!! Can't wait to read more of your books!!!...

  • Cynthia Turner

    Haunting’s of Kingston The Haunting of Crawley House is a great book in the paranormal genre. It starts with the devastation of one happy family by a jealous maid and a beloved, beautiful mother and...

  • Brady Longmore

    This book is really two different stories. The first tells the story of a house and its occupants, and how jealousy and spite leads a woman placed in a position of trust to commit the ultimate betraya...