Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea


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From a flaming sky, heat seared Earth's surface and cast forests and mighty cities flared and died. In a few weeks, mankind would be burned from the face of the planet.

There was only one desperate chance--and only one man desperate enough to take it--Nelson, the "Mad Admiral". Defying his government and the nations of the world, Nelson drove the giant atomic submarine Seaview halfway around the globe to a grim rendezvous with Destiny. Unknown monsters of the deep barred his way--foreign warships hunted him--sabotages delayed him--but Nelson bulled and slashed his way through. Then, at the crucial moment, when disaster struck and the world seemed doomed, Admiral Nelson launched his mad plan!

Title:Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
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    Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Reviews

  • Jimmy Lee

    For a screen-to-print book, this was quite the surprise. My copy was unprepossessing - it was the fifth printing of the mass market paperback, with the cover photo from the the series ("Follow the fur...

  • Greg Harrison


  • Michael P.

    I wondered how this book differed from the film that preceded it and the TV series that followed it. By page 40, exactly a quarter of the way through the book by page count, I was bored enough to stop...

  • Kenneth

    A SciFi thriller, based on the screen play for the movie. Fast paced amid a race to save the world....

  • Lawrence

  • Steve

    How to put this. It's the worst book I've read by a very good writer. Sturgeon was a master of the short story, but this movie novelization didn't work in any way. The story as it was given to him -- ...

  • Ed Wyrd

    If you've seen the original "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" with Walter Pidgeon, Peter Lorre, and Barbara Eden, then you already know the story. Still worth reading however, because... Theodore Stur...