Oceans Apart

Oceans Apart


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A forgotten secret.
A shocking discovery.
A sacrifice of love that will bring Connor Evans to his knees.

Airline Captain Connor Evans has nearly forgotten that stormy weekend in Hawaii eight years ago when he broke the greatest promise of all. Now Connor has the perfect life with his wife, Michele, and their two daughters, and the secret of that long-ago time is his alone.

But an ocean away, a flight attendant is raising her young son by herself when the plane she's working on crashes into the Pacific. Her will is very clear about one thing—before the child can be given over to the state, his father must be contacted.

The news rocks Captain Evans' life, and in the process he is presented with a choice: Refuse the child and never hear from him again, or take him for two weeks and decide whether to claim the boy as his own.

Now, the family is on the brink of destruction. Can Michele and their daughters ever forgive Connor for what went wrong all those years ago? Or will the presence of one lonely child destroy everything?

Title:Oceans Apart
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    Oceans Apart Reviews

  • Terra

    I seriously hated this book... but it was a book club pick so I read it.The story is about an airline pilot who has a wife and two daughters and living a perfect life in Florida. But, his family doesn...

  • Cathy

    i will not list all of Karen Kingsburys books, but if you pick up one of them, you will read them all, they are a great way to escape and find how people handle common crisis in life.Awsome author....

  • Georgie

    Had this book focused purely on Max's story, and cut down significantly on the shove-it-down-your-throat God/Jesus/Forgiveness stuff, I would have a) been able to finish it, and b) given it more stars...

  • Cynthia Marcano

    Karen Kingsbury is a master storyteller and I cried way too often while reading this story of forgiveness.While it was a capturing tale. I was disappointed when, as a reader, we learned what happened ...

  • Andrea Cox

    Such heartbreak! I really felt such pain for all the characters. It’s so hard when good people make poor choices, but it does happen. Encouragement may be found in this book, because it reminds us t...

  • Kathryn

    This was a little predictable at times, but I appreciated the lessons that were woven into it. I especially liked a saying of one of the characters in the story - that love happens when you forgive. I...

  • Randy Tramp

    Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife, Michele, seem to have a perfect life. Then a plane goes down and a casualty is Kiahna Siefert, who leaves a seven-year-old son, Max.In Kiahna's will she states...

  • Becky

    I read this book because it was a book club book, but it is very far from the type of book I would normally choose to read. It was very Christian and very cheesy, as you may guess from the cover desig...

  • Lynn

    I think my problem with this book was the overwhelming perfection of a woman who slept with a married man... she was perfection personified...in love with a man she slept with once....she never had an...

  • Emily Brunswick

    I gave this book five out of five stars, because it is a really good book. It also is really easy to read, but I recommend it to all girls, teenagers and adults.I liked this book, because it has a ver...