Jump Wings And Secrets

Jump Wings And Secrets


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Each soldier in Vietnam fought his own war. For some it was a war with loneliness, boredom, and endless fatigue. For others it was a war with unyielding jungle, mountains, and disease. For still others it was a war with terror and death and all of the above. And then there was the secret war fought mostly by Army Special Forces and Navy Seals. For these secret warriors, the war was seldom boring and always dangerous. The mountains and jungles of Laos and Cambodia were their playground, and disease, terror, and death stalked them on every mission.
Sergeant First Class Ed Potter, returning for his third tour in-country with the 101st Airborne, was on a short tour, just six months this time. While in the states, he had passed the Special Forces selection battery and did well in all phases of the SF assessment course. He expected orders to the SF Q course in six months. In the meantime he expected to be placed in a platoon sergeant’s job with the 101st at Camp Eagle or Camp Evans. His first surprise came when the replacement battalion sent him for an interview with a Special Forces Major who asked him if he would be interested in working for MACV-SOG and training and leading an airmobile quick reaction force to support Special Forces recon teams operating out of FOB1 at Phu Bai. His second surprise came when the major wouldn’t tell him what MACV-SOG, or the FOB was, did, or where they operated until after he volunteered and signed a confidentiality agreement.
Ed jumped at the chance to work with the Special Forces instead of waiting out his time in a regular airborne infantry unit. He wouldn’t be Special Forces, but he would be working for them with the potential to share in part of their missions and training. What could be better for an NCO waiting to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course at Fort Bragg? An hour after the interview, Ed found himself on a helicopter heading for headquarters 5th Special Forces at Nha Trang and the beginning of a short tour that would seem longer and more dangerous than anything he had ever experienced.

Title:Jump Wings And Secrets
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