Someone Please Have Sex With Me

Someone Please Have Sex With Me


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Gina Wynbrandt’s debut graphic novel is a refreshing and wry look at sexual frustration, shot through with American pop-culture erudition.

"It’s impossible not to fall in love with this hilarious minx as she lunges across the page, nostrils flared, hurling herself into increasingly ridiculous romantic misadventures. Bow down to Gina as she explores what it means to be horny as hell!" — Lisa Hanawalt, production designer/producer of BoJack Horseman, author of My Dirty Dumb Eyes

"Someone Please Have Sex With Me plays with conventions of style and color, featuring pleasingly feminine sherbet-y tones juxtaposed against a storyline about a woman looking for love in all the wrong places—in all the wrong ways." — The LA Times

"Smart, wickedly funny, and transgressive. More comics like this, please!" — John Porcellino, author of The Hospital Suite

Someone Please Have Sex With Me is a refreshing and wry look at sexual frustration from our young heroine and author. From failed erotic photoshoots and late-onset teen popstar obsessions to fairy Kardashians and Pokémon-inspired future-sex, Wynbrandt isn't one to hold back. SPHSWM finds its footing at the surreal and hilarious juncture between autobiography and fantasy.

Gina Wynbrandt (b. 1990) writes comics about personal humiliations and insecurities, as well as topics like fashion, pop culture, and celebrities. A portion of Gina's work will also appear in Best American Comics 2015 .

Title:Someone Please Have Sex With Me
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    Someone Please Have Sex With Me Reviews

  • Dave Schaafsma

    Hilarious alternative comics collection about/by a horny (and she calls herself) fat woman. One story is about a very funny obsession she has about Justin Bieber, though she has these obsessions about...

  • Jan Philipzig

    Bold, clever, raunchy parody of our obsession with celebrity culture: a bit on the raw and arbitrary side, but pretty funny in places....

  • MariNaomi

    I love this book immensely....

  • Gina


  • Mia

    I ugly-laughed while reading this book. ...

  • Sarah

    How dare they make a book about my life...

  • Sarah Koppelkam

    I don't know that I've ever laughed out loud at an illustration before this book. ...

  • Kim

    By blurring the line between the autobiography & the fiction and the real & the surreal with her detailed portrait drawings, Wynbrandt brilliantly re-appropriates pop / nerd (especially comics' own au...

  • Hannah Garden

    This book is fucking perfect....

  • Andrew

    I think I'm mildly traumatized by the stuff with the cats, but this is a very funny and charming little book, by an extremely talented young cartoonist. ...