The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right

The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right

God once declared everything in the world “very good.”
Can you imagine it?
A Vision of Hope for a Broken World
Shalom is what God declared. Shalom is what the Kingdom of God looks like.
Shalom is when all people have enough.
It’s when families are healed.
It’s when churches, schools, and public policies protect human dignity.
Shalom is when the image of God is recognized in every single human.
Shalom is our calling as followers of Jesus’s gospel. It is the vision God set forth in the Garden and the restoration God desires for every relationship.
What can we do to bring shalom to our nations, our communities, and our souls? Through a careful exploration of biblical text, particularly the first three chapters of Genesis, Lisa Sharon Harper shows us what “very good” can look like today, even after the Fall.
Because despite our anxious minds, despite division and threats of violence, God’s vision remains: Wholeness for a hurting world. Peace for a fearful soul. Shalom.


Title:The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right
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    The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right Reviews

  • Michelle Kuhn

    I was given this book by a dear friend of mine, and I am so grateful! Harper helped me to understand my current "spiritual homelessness" as rooted in church history and gave me a clear path forward. S...

  • Jonathan Newman

    The Very Good Gospel is one of the most refreshing and important books I have read, especially coming from an evangelical background and being immersed in that world in my career as well. How Lisa Sha...

  • Irene

    Harper invites the reader to view current issues of social injustice through the lens of Scripture as interpreted by liberal Evangelical Christians. She argues that “shalom”, harmony and right rel...

  • Rhea Reece

    Such an open exploration of the gospel, things I've never thought of, lots to unlearn from growing up in the church. So fresh!...

  • Cara Meredith

    This should be required reading for every Christian....

  • Jane

    I love how the author unpacked Shalom and its use in the bible and also how the bible is not just about personal salvation rather it is also about "systemic justice, peace between people groups and fr...

  • Kristi McClellan

    Lisa Sharon Harper is a beautiful, talented writer. These pages are filled with scripture, insight, challenge and encouragement. I learned so much and was given action steps to move from thought to wo...

  • Kristian Kilgore

    Compelling even when we don’t agreeLisa Sharon Harper and I find agreement in quite a bit of this book, but we do not agree about everything. However, what I appreciated more than being in lockstep ...

  • Richard Ryan

    The Very Good Gospel is very good indeed! A refreshing examination of the fact that the Gospel doesn't start in the New Testament, but at the outset of creation. Lisa's commentary on the first 2 chapt...

  • Jennifer

    A wonderful and helpful perspective on a God who created a world that he loves, and the responsibility that humans have to creation and its inhabitants. The book got a bit repetitive and as it covers ...