Tequila for Two

Tequila for Two


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There’s always one in the bunch.

The one who takes things a little too seriously – a little too far. The fanatic, if you will.

When a radical Pagan group blows into Tequila Key to celebrate the autumnal equinox, Althea Rose’s psychic senses start tingling. She goes on full alert after meeting Horace, a Gandalf wannabe who reminds Althea of an old man playing dress up. One look into his pale eyes sets her straight, and soon Althea’s best friend Luna is forcing her to learn a magickal protection spell before they investigate Horace and his festival. To make matters worse, Althea botches the spell and the results are…interesting to say the least.

Oh, and about that love life of hers? There’s no time for love when bodies start turning up on deserted beaches. Soon, Althea is in way over her head as the full moon starts to rise and the clock counts down on the killer wandering Tequila Key’s quiet streets.

Title:Tequila for Two
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    Tequila for Two Reviews

  • Meg

    This was a quick, effortless read. A fun paranormal with fun characters. I'd really like to know, though, what eventually happened with the turtles and their beach. The potential loss of their breedin...

  • Sandee

    The adventure and fun continue. I knew this would be a good series. I love Althea, Luna and Miss Elva. They are the perfect mystery solving supernatural trio. I can't get enough of Miss Elva's sass. T...

  • Kyjuliano

    I give this story 4.5 Stars. The gangs all back again and trouble is a foot once more. People are dying and evil is walking the streets of Tequila. Throw in a pesky ghost and a few new love interests ...

  • Kat Lebo

    Tequila for Two, Althea Rose Mystery, Book #2by Tricia O'MalleyAnother fun read from Tricia O'Malley. This book, #2 in the Althea Rose mystery series, finds physic Althea, her best friend, Luna, the w...

  • Barbara Hackel

    I am hooked on this series! The characters are likeable and "fight evil" with their good magick. This time evil comes as the leader of a Pagan group meeting on Tequila Key. When he tries to steal Alet...

  • Ann

    Casting a circleAlthea Rose is a psychic tarot reader who also possesses magick. Her best friend Luna is a powerful white witch. Both of them stand in awe of Miss Elva, a powerful voodoo priestess. Wh...

  • Jay Williams

    The excitement continues as Althea battles her love triangle and fights to uncover a murderer who has struck twice in the town. A radical pagan festival is going on, and Althea quickly crosses swords ...

  • Toni

    Tequila FunI grabbed this book when I found it for two reasons. (1) I wanted a light, fun read and (2) I had read a fantastic non-cozy book by Tricia O'Mally set in Ireland. Imagine my surprise to fin...

  • Micky Cox

    This book is even better than the first! Althea is coming to terms that she may have more powers than she thought while finding that someone is trying to take them away from her and leaving dead bodie...

  • Beverly Carter

    Enchanting MysteryThis series is as fun and exciting as you can get. I'm not a fan of magic and spells but love the excitement and predicaments that the main characters, Althea and Luna, get themselve...