Do You Want to Start a Scandal

Do You Want to Start a Scandal

On the night of the Parkhurst ball, someone had a scandalous tryst in the library.
• Was it Lord Canby, with the maid, on the divan?
• Or Miss Fairchild, with a rake, against the wall?
• Perhaps the butler did it.

All Charlotte Highwood knows is this: it wasn’t her. But rumors to the contrary are buzzing. Unless she can discover the lovers’ true identity, she’ll be forced to marry Piers Brandon, Lord Granville—the coldest, most arrogantly handsome gentleman she’s ever had the misfortune to embrace. When it comes to emotion, the man hasn’t got a clue.

But as they set about finding the mystery lovers, Piers reveals a few secrets of his own. The oh-so-proper marquess can pick locks, land punches, tease with sly wit... and melt a woman’s knees with a single kiss. The only thing he guards more fiercely than Charlotte’s safety is the truth about his dark past.

Their passion is intense. The danger is real. Soon Charlotte’s feeling torn. Will she risk all to prove her innocence? Or surrender it to a man who’s sworn to never love?

Title:Do You Want to Start a Scandal
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  • chan ?

    okay so i have very little of value to sayand by that i mean i only want to have a brief commentary on the use of nippage in this book (nippage, nipplization, whatever). i get that boob play is probab...

  • Tessa Dare

    Hooray! It's finally book birthday for Charlotte and Piers! As you might have gathered from the blurb, this book's plot is rather like a game of Regency-era Clue. Except, instead of "Who killed whom w...

  • Anne

    Ok, this was such a cute little mystery/romance. And, best of all, it stars the brother of the hero from Say Yes to the Marquess! Remember him? Piers,the fiancee that got jilted because he spent 8 yea...

  • Stacey is Sassy

    I’d take the scandal too.I can honestly say there are not too many times that I find myself equally fond of the heroine as much as the hero. I admit, I pick and choose my reads based solely on the h...

  • EmBibliophile

    3.75 starsI can’t believe I almost skipped this one!! The synopsis didn’t sound as good and interesting as the previous ones, so I was just going to skip reading it. Surprisingly, it ended up bein...

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    Full review now posted...I don't often squee when I hear about a new book release, but I always do when it's a book by Tessa Dare who makes historical romance fun, exciting, and passionate!Blurb: On t...

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    *4.5 stars* I adored, ADORED, Do You Want to Start a Scandal by one of my all-time favorite historical romance authors, Tessa Dare. It was EXACTLY what I needed. It's been SO long since I've read a pa...

  • Sophia Triad

    Charlotte Highwood does not want to get married. She wants to travel. Unfortunately her mother wants to see her married to a wealthy important man. Marquess Piers Brandon aka Lord Granville is an exce...

  • Jennifer

    5 “Oliveview” Stars!!!!This book is a combination of James Bond and the game of Clue, and I enjoyed every second of it. It’s witty. It’s sexy. It’s everything “Tessa Dare.” When I think ...

  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog

    Review at Of Pens and Pages.Do You Want to Start a Scandal is a fun historical romance read filled with intrigue, espionage, and so much sexual tension between a mysterious Marquess and a quirky woman...