Don't be fooled.

Don't make excuses for me.

I am not a good man.

I've seen things no one should, done things no one should talk about. Honor and conscience have no place in my life. But I've fought and I've survived. I've had to.

The first time I saw her dancing on that seedy stage in that second rate club, I felt my heart pulse for the first time. Keelyn Foster was too young, too vibrant for this place, and I knew in an instant that I would make her mine. But first I had to climb my way to the top. I had to have something more to offer her.

I'm here now, money is no object and I have no equal. Except for her. She's disappeared. But don't worry, I will find her and claim her. She will be mine.

Like I said, don't be fooled. I am not the devil in disguise… I'm the one front and center.

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    Honor Reviews

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    “The devil is not as black as he is painted.” Jay Crownover painted her latest story at the Point, Honor, in black and red with maybe a hint of white to represent the darkness that often eclipsed ...

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    4 stars! From the moment we met Nassir in Jay’s Welcome to the Point series, I was intrigued. The more we got to see him and learn about him, the more I wanted a book for him. He’s one of the ba...

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    I thought I knew what to expect when I started reading Honor, but I was wrong. It was a lot darker than I expected. If you think the three Point books were dark, the first book in The Breaking Point i...

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    3.5 Stars“I was born and bred to fight and never give up. The fight was in my bones. It was in every breath I exhaled. It was in every drop of blood that poured out of me and painted the soil....

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4 stars! “Sometimes you have to burn it all, level it all to the ground, for something new to sprout out of the ashes.” Nobody know knows Nassir would call him the good...

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    I quite enjoyed this book— even with its dark theme! “The Breaking Point “ series is another set of three books that takes place in the rough, violent town of The Point! The first book is about ...