Clued In Venice: The Concise and Opinionated Guide to the City  -2022

Clued In Venice: The Concise and Opinionated Guide to the City -2022


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Clued In Venice is like having a friend tell you what to see and what to skip.   New 2022 edition! 
      Your visit to gorgeous, historic Venice should be perfect, but with so many sights (and restaurants) how can you know which to choose? We can help with that. This concise and opinionated guide book takes the guesswork out of your Venetian visit. Some of its sights are closed on certain days; others may not be worth the money. We've sorted it all out for you in an easy to follow format –and with our clear advice, you'll leave the crowds of clueless visitors behind.
      This interactive ebook has extraordinary tips that you'll begin using right away. Clued In Venice tells you how to avoid the lines, and our live web-links and color photos bring it all to life. We give you accurate advice on tipping, demystify the Vaporetto, and reveal the best connections from its watery airport to the city center.
      With this book loaded onto your smart device, everything will be at your fingertips. It's like having a local along on your visit, and will be the best $6.99 you’ve ever spent!

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(Included info could be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.)    

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"Venice was a breeze with this book at our side...we felt like repeat visitors who knew where to go and what to see. This city on water is more than just a piazza and a church."

"...I imagine that even seasoned travelers to Venice would appreciate the helpful suggestions and restaurants mentioned in Clued In Venice."

"For anyone wanting real opinions about where to go and what to see in Venice get this book. Its great. I really used it and felt it paid off. Loved the Cissy rooms in the Correr museum. Would have never known about it otherwise."

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    Clued In Venice: The Concise and Opinionated Guide to the City -2022 Reviews

  • Mark Tooher

    Good to have a friend on the inside.Brevity is good. This book does a great job of covering the vital info and provides some great tips that I had not seen anywhere else. Get it before you go....

  • Idalee Digregorio

    Helpful and conciseThis is the second clued in book i have used on my trip and as usual they did not disappoint. ...

  • Renni Turillo

    This was a great guide to Venice. I have shelves of guide books, with overwhelming amounts of information . I've perrused them all many times and traveled enough to know how to ferret out the particul...

  • Dean Easton)