Betty Broderick: Telling on myself

Betty Broderick: Telling on myself


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What do you do when you have struggled loyally for years beside your husband, living in financial hardship as you bring up your joint children virtually as a single mother, working toward the good times that you can see coming for all of you, only to discover that your husband is committing adultery and is planning to leave you?

Worse, he aggressively denies his affair, denouncing you as crazy to your face and to everyone you know, while he schemes to walk off with everything you have worked so hard for as he is reborn into a new life with a star-struck younger woman, as pretty as you once were, who will enjoy everything you have invested in – your financial security, your home-life and even your children.

Worse still, he is a notoriously hard-ball lawyer with every intention of crushing you in any way he can, of erasing you from his life, of reducing you to nothing, so that he can move on as if you never existed.

Daniel T. Broderick III’s relentless harassment of his discarded wife, Betty, made her increasingly crazy as he and his girlfriend – then second wife – Linda Kolkena Broderick piled on the pressure, until one day, on November 5, 1989, at her wits’ end and believing herself to be acting in self-defense, she confronted them in the early hours of the morning and in a panic shot them both dead.

A multitude of onlookers has absolved Betty for what she did. Many even admire her, especially if they have suffered similar fates to hers. One juror at her trial openly questioned why she had taken so long to kill Dan under such extreme provocation.

Now, twenty-five years into a thirty-two year to life prison sentence for her second-degree murder of Dan and Linda Broderick, Betty has reluctantly decided to give her personal account of what led up to that fatal and fateful day, when all three of their futures came violently and abruptly to an end.

Title:Betty Broderick: Telling on myself
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    Betty Broderick: Telling on myself Reviews

  • Michelle

    Well written, but 25+ yrs later, Betty is still angry at her victims.The book is written by Betty and details her story. I expected her to be eloquent as she is a highly intelligent woman. I also expe...

  • Laura Cleinman

    TruthVery honest memoir by a woman who was driven to insanity by her ex-husband and continues to serve a questionable exception of jail time...she is 67 let her out to work with battered women....

  • Tiffany Marin

    Betty Broderick’s story is one many of us have heard and are fascinated by. She’s been portrayed as a monster, crazy, and turned into a pariah to some, and a hero to others. She lived through some...

  • Liz Bell

    Like many I have followed this story for years. It is every woman’s fear that a husband will leave you for a bimbo. Up until I read Bella Stumbo’s book it was a seeming case of a perfect marriage,...

  • Lana Walker

    Very enlightening!Several people contributed to events that led to the murders -- not just the cruel, thankless ex-husband and his new spoiled wife, but also corrupt good-ole-boy-club judges and lawye...

  • LadyJane61

    If you think you know the Betty Broderick story because you've seen the TV coverage, read the news stories and seen the movie -- you don't. Not by a long shot. I followed this story for years and thou...

  • maryann s

    WowThis gave a totally different side to the murders. Here we have the ex-wife's view, and it is an eye opener. Dan was a crafty soul who knew how to destroy his enemies in the courtroom, and used the...

  • Deb Lancaster

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's a tough one. I completely buy the fact that she was abused in many ways. And coercive abuse sends people crazy. But she is still in so much denial as to the gravity and enormi...

  • Rebecca

    I am about half way finished. This is a really fast read. What amazes me is that Betty plays the victim in every sense. From the wedding that was amazing but she didn’t want that type of wedding. Cl...

  • Full of Lit

    There were so many things in this book that said so much about Dan Broderick, and so much about Betty Broderick. I don’t know why she married him, and I don’t know why he married her. I can’t he...