The Things We Don't Do

The Things We Don't Do


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"Good readers will find something that can be found only in great literature, the kind written by real poets, a literature that dares to venture into the dark with open eyes and that keeps its eyes open no matter what . . . . The literature of the twenty-first century will belong to Neuman and a few of his blood brothers."—Roberto Bolaño

Playful, philosophizing, and gloriously unpredictable, Andrés Neuman's short stories consider love, lechery, history, mortality, family secrets, therapy, Borges, mysterious underwear, translators, and storytelling itself.

Here a relationship turns on a line drawn in the sand; an analyst treats a patient who believes he's the real analyst; a discovery in a secondhand shop takes on a cruel significance; a man decides to go to work naked one day. In these small scenes and brief moments Neuman confounds our expectations with dazzling sleight of hand.

With a variety of forms and styles, Neuman opens up the possibilities for fiction, calling to mind other greats of Latin American letters, such as Cortázar, Bolaño, and Bioy Casares. Intellectually stimulating and told with a voice that is wry, questioning, sometimes mordantly funny, yet always generously humane, The Things We Don't Do confirms Neuman's place as one of the most dynamic authors writing today.

Andrés Neuman was born in Buenos Aires, but grew up and lives in Spain. He was included in Granta's "Young Spanish-Language Novelists" issue and is the author of almost twenty works, two of which—Traveler of the Century and Talking to Ourselves—have been translated into English. Traveler of the Century won the Alfaguara Prize, the National Critics Prize, was longlisted for the 2013 Best Translated Book Award, and was shortlisted for the 2013 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

Title:The Things We Don't Do
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  • Antonomasia

    [2.5] I've been avoiding Andrés Neuman's books for a while; he's been popular on recent long- and short- lists for the Best Translated Book Award and the lately-defunct Independent Foreign Fiction Pr...

  • jeremy

    the extreme freedom of a book of short stories derives from the possibility of starting from zero each time. to demand unity from it is like padlocking the laboratory. andrés neuman has been (and...

  • Ted Cross

    "In the short story, a minute can be eternal and eternity can unfold in a minute."Every so often, you find a book that contains vast expanses, wisdom, insight, transcendence. It is even rarer to find ...

  • James Kinsley

    Any collection of short stories is likely to have some pieces you like more than others, so do you base a five star review on an overall impression? Or a faultless hit rate? Overall, this is a very so...

  • Samir

    The most striking part of this book is the contradictory feeling each story leaves you with. When a story ends on a positive note, you remember the title of the book "The Things We Don't Do" which mea...

  • Allan MacDonell

    Andrés Neuman comes highly recommended, and who am I to argue with the praise of Roberto Bolaño, among others? The short stories collected in The Things We Don’t Do dig into the fundamental depths...

  • Tori

    "Far more urgent that to knock a reader out is to wake a reader up."This could be the best book I have read this year. I can't wait to read more of Andres Neuman and to check out more from Open Letter...

  • Andrew Ferguson

    Andres Neuman only has three books that have been translated to English, but even with this limited opus it's clear he is quickly becoming one of the most defining voices of 21st century literature. T...

  • Sean Blake

    Some absolutely beautiful little short stories, some scattered stories that feel unfinished. Andrés Neuman's style is very poetic, retrospective and moreish however, and I'm very interested in readin...

  • Tonymess

    When I reviewed Andrés Neuman’s “Talking to Ourselves”, also translated by Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia, I spoke of the relationship theme, that work being in three different voices told of ...