The Sleeping Spy

The Sleeping Spy


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"A dazzling combination of high suspense and hijinks and some most unusual kilings" (Los Angeles Times) -- "a thriller as stylish and exciting as 'The Death Freak,' which introduced hard-boiled Eddie Mancuso from Manhattan's East Village and Vasily Borgneff from Moscow's upper-crust spy circles." (New York Times)

Eddie Mancuso and Vasily Borgneff, heroes of the highly successful “Death Freak,” are back in action in this brilliant international suspense novel. Masters of UKDs (Unusual Killing Devices) for the CIA and KGB, respectively, now retired and no friends of their former employers, they return to the wars to hunt down the most dangerous sleeper agent ever planted by an implacable foreign enemy.

“My kind of night-time read, it beats anything you can watch on TV. Ingenious, entertaining, and suspenseful.”
--- Robert C. Goldston, Associated Press

"Just when you think people like John Le Carre are turning the old-fashioned spy thriller into literature, along come people like Clifford Irving and Herbert Burkholz to give you some good old-fashioned fun ... The first half of the book is a fascinating account of the technology of assassination. The second half is technology in action." -- Harry Levine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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  • Charles Ray

    Eddie Mancuso formerly worked for the CIA and Vasily Borgneff for the KGB. The two were specialists in creating unusual killing devices (UKDs), which were used by their agencies for ‘special’ miss...

  • Marcus

    Loved this book. Believable plot,story, and characters....

  • Diane

    Enjoyed this one a lot, wish I'd read the previous Death Freak but will hunt it down now. ...