Up To the Highest High

Up To the Highest High


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Kate Argent/Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Kate takes a day to think it over, to plan her attack. She's good on her feet, but a little preplanning never hurt anyone. And if she's going to make Derek bleed, well - she needs just the right weapon. The right words. A thousand little pinpricks and cuts, because Derek isn't the type you can cut off at the knees so easily. You have to look for that dark, hidden place to plant a seed of doubt, and Kate? Kate's good at that.

"He wants to be with a girl," she says. Like poisoned honey. "Or he doesn't not want it, am I right? You think that curiosity won't get the better of him one day?" She's got her hands on him when she says it. She feels the beating of his heart, the firmness of his pectoral muscles, because, hey, this is precisely the way she swings. And Derek might keep it pretty well tucked under his cap, but he doesn't exactly hate the female persuasion himself. Or at least he's attracted to them. Same difference in the end.

"Better the devil you know," she says, and from the way Derek's gaze narrows she's got a feeling she's won.
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Title:Up To the Highest High
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