Legions of the Forest

Legions of the Forest


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The year is 9 AD, and Publius Quinctilius Varus has just been appointed by Emperor Caesar Augustus to oversee the subjugation of the Germanic people and annexation of the German lands. Varus, a lawyer and former governor of Syria, has frighteningly little experience as a military leader. He is resolved to prove himself as one, nevertheless. He believes the Germanic people to be conquered. He is wrong.

His ranks are filled with seasoned veterans and novices alike, the latter of which includes Lucius, a young man whose conscription into the Roman imperial legions represents only the first step in his epic, and terrifying, destiny.

Valerius Maximus, a young Roman tribune, enters the legions of the Rhine as well—only to find that the danger he anticipated from abroad actually lies within his own ranks. The vicious politics of the officer corps prove to be more treacherous.

Meanwhile, German nobleman Arminius lies in wait, preparing for the inevitable appearance of the Roman legions and growing in his determination to liberate his people from Rome’s rule at any cost.

The fates of these men soon converge in a bloody battle that will decide the course of their countries…and their lives. The Germanic foes spring a monstrous ambush in a driving rain storm. The future of Western civilization turns in the blink of an eye.

Title:Legions of the Forest
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    Legions of the Forest Reviews

  • Andrea Oliverio

    Libro piuttosto ben scritto, ma i continui salti di punti di vista da un personaggio all'altro disturbano.La storia a volte si perde via alcuni dettagli che poi riappaiono all'improvviso....

  • John Morris

    Awesome!!!I really love reading stories of ancient Rome and the all conquering legions but, this book was the best of them all. It had it all. Believable characters, a tremendous plot based upon real ...

  • Ginger Cain

    Excelente I loved it! Well researched and written. It had me from the start all the way until the end. Great job!...

  • J.A. Martin

    Exciting and RawImagine being conscripted into the Roman Army, being told you won’t be home for 20 years and then after you’ve trained and become a soldier, a horrible mistake of trust by a senior...

  • Smacktard

    Not a good writer at all. There are many vocabulary errors, and many repeated words and phrases, sometimes in the same sentence. I got the impression that the author was either quite young, or was not...

  • Jody Maley

    Good fictional account of the great forest ambush Surprisingly well written and readable for a Kindle unlimited book. Believable characters in a Roman military setting, decent battle descriptions and ...


    Exciting tale of Rome vs Germania in 1st C ADI was quite familiar with the story involving the total massacre of Varus’ three legions in the Teutoberg forest. Despite that familiarity, the author br...

  • Donald

    Well researched book with sufficient action & descriptives for any action fan.Roman military as it most probably was. Enjoyable read. Wish it was a series!...

  • Victoria S. Torley

    Sentences tend to plodA fictional story of actual events that befell the Roman army. Characters are fairly standard. It didn't really stir my blood....

  • Mr P L Hughes

    Legions of the Forest book 1What a good read, an insight into what was a disaster for Rome. Fictional characters placed into historically correct situations ...