Flying Saucers & Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs

Flying Saucers & Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs


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Flying Saucers & Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes & Government Cover-ups is a comprehensive look at the scientific data on the UFO phenomenon. Nuclear physicist & lecturer Stanton T. Friedman has distilled over 40 years of research, sharing his work on a variety of classified advanced nuclear & space systems. He answers relevant physics questions in lay terms, establishing that travel to nearby stars is possible without violating physical laws. Photographs of advanced propulsion systems, on some of which he worked, are included. He also presents data demonstrating the human ability to withstand high accelerations. He shows that government policy on this subject has been to provide false claims & disinformation, a kind of cosmic Watergate. Flying Saucers & Science presents data from large-scale scientific UFO studies few have detailed. It deals with cover-ups as well as reasons for aliens to visit Earth without landing on the White House lawn. He criticizes the SETI program & details the antipathy of some sf writers to UFOs. False notions about those who believe in the reality of alien visitors & the adequacy of coverage by journalistic & scientific communities are reviewed. The book reveals what technologies might allow interstellar travel, where aliens may originate, why they visit & why governments may cover them up. Readers will never feel the same about UFOs again.
Foreword by Edgar Mitchell
Foreword by Bruce Maccabee
The case for the ET origin of flying saucers
You can get here from there
From where do they come?
The cosmic Watergate
The cult of SETI
The UFO "why" questions
Science, science fiction & UFOs-
UFOs & public opinion
Update on crashed saucers at Roswell
The press & flying saucers
The Operation Majestic 12 documents
What does it matter?
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Title:Flying Saucers & Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs
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  • Erik Graff

    If you're interested in an author who intelligently defends the thesis that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft, Friedman is worth checking out, both his books and his numerous posted interviews...

  • Clayton

    Of all the flying saucer books I've read, and I've read a few, this one provides science and context for the genre. Stanton Friedman is the world's leading Ufologist and his knowledge, research and cr...

  • Laura

    A little repetitive, but this guy's a nuclear physicist that worked on government top secret projects during the Cold War. He knows how things work, and he did his research quite well. He puts out man...

  • P.S. Winn

    Amazing, interesting and a book I think all should read. Ever wonder what is really going on? you just may find out....

  • Scott Waldyn

    This book is interesting in parts. The sections pertaining to MJ-12, Dr. Stanton Friedman's hypotheses about "them," and discussions of nuclear physics and the evolution of propulsion are all fascinat...

  • Debbie Mcclelland

    He tells it as it is, or was...A difficult topic to discuss in a few words, so I won't try. But...he has obviously researched every topic mentioned in this book thoroughly! I trust this man's opinions...

  • Cheryl Beseler

    This book covers topics in great detail not covered in other UFO books. The late Mr. Friedman is a well-respected UFO researcher with credibility. He has a master's degree in nuclear physics. This is ...

  • Sharon Zink

    This book is interesting when it discusses actual UFO sightings and events. It gets a little bogged down trying to trace the mistakes and tricks in trying to demonstrate the lies and inaccuracies in t...