One of Us

One of Us


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Jasmine is thrilled to be a Disney Girl. It means she has four best friends -- Ariel, Yukiko, Paula, and Ella. But she still doesn't have a best best friend. Then she meets Isabelle Beaumont, the new girl. Maybe Isabelle could be Jasmine's best best friend -- but could she be a Disney Girl?

Title:One of Us
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    One of Us Reviews

  • Hannah Polley

    This book came my way and as I love Disney I thought I would read it before passing it on. Obviously a very quick read but I actually quite liked it and I would say if you were a girl between about 7 ...

  • Redfox5

    This wasn't the kind of Disney fiction I was looking for, it's more like the Sleepover Club with a Disney theme. But it turned out this didn't matter so much. I'm not gonna lie, I'm 28 and I liked it...

  • Kelly K

    Nostalgia. I loved this series back in the late 90s. They watch tapes on a VCR. GAH. "You have one hour to explore epcot" LOL...

  • Nova

    Think Babysitter's Club meets Disney Princesses and you've got the right idea. Cute stories about a group of friends the age that these books should appeal to (if I remember correctly, they are nine m...

  • Reading with Cats

    Silly but adorable....

  • Cassi

    This is a really good book to read if you identify with a princess (and who doesn't?) I feel like I'd fit right in with this crowd. It's from the 90's, like 1998 or so, and they actually go to Epcot a...