The Garden

The Garden


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Based on the life of Linnaeus - the 18th-century Swedish enlightenment figure famous for his taxonomy and scientific classification - 'The Garden' principally concerns the different ways Linnaeus and his gardener interpret the world around them. The gardener perceives plants for what they are in themselves and Linnaeus for what they are in relation to other things.

Title:The Garden
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  • Kirsty

    I hadn’t heard of Magnus Florin’s The Garden before spotting it in the library, but when I slid its small form out from where it was sandwiched on the shelf, its premise intrigued me and I added i...

  • Jenny Holmstrm

    För fragmenterad, alltför många lösryckta stycken. Även om årstidsväxlingarna och Carls namnsdag gav struktur och fanns som återkommande påminnelser om tidens gång blev det ändå för fragm...

  • Dmitriy Slepov

    Роман как бы про Карла Линнея, но всё-таки не совсем. Это такие обрывки снов, яви, бреда и чего-то ещё. Довольно ...

  • FremsleytheSparrow

    This is more images than words, metaphorically speaking. And it's gentle, horrifying, funny and extremely sad. ...

  • Underwood

    Линней и все-все-все.Сказки про шведского Винни-Пуха (которым неожиданно оказывается Карл Линней) в изумител...