JOSHUA (Boone's Branch Landing)

JOSHUA (Boone's Branch Landing)


Book two, Boone’s Branch Landing Series. Smoky Draw Ranch near Zapata, Texas had always been a peaceful place for Joshua Hanson, a place to return to after doing a little business in Zapata or Laredo, a place where no one came looking for him if he got a little too enthusiastic about his business. Smoky Draw wasn’t much of a ranch, and Josh wasn’t much of a rancher, but he liked it there. Now he had to move on. He was being hunted by people from across the border who wouldn’t give up until they got him if he hung around Zapata. Well, he was single and could go about anywhere he wanted, and Tennessee was on his mind. His mom was from Tennessee, and Josh wanted to see mountains covered with green trees instead of dry hills covered with scrub mesquite. Josh figured life would be peaceful and normal in the mountains without the haunting feeling of someone hunting him. He’d be hard to find in the mountains so far away from Texas. Josh figured wrong on two counts. Haunting feelings can come from more than being hunted, and you can be hunted by more than just men.

Title:JOSHUA (Boone's Branch Landing)
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  • Edward Poole

    Enjoyed this good too. It was a little different than some of his others and an looking forward to reading Cyril the next installment i Just down loaded ....

  • kenneth L. Howard

    What a ride! It has both action with a dash of the supernatural! It’s one that you will not put down. Read this one today!...

  • Elizabeth Pruett

    Another great book!!This book is as good,if not better than the first. Raymond Pyle has an awesome series going here and I can't wait for the next one.Mr Pyle has become one of my favourite authors.I ...

  • Walt Mccluskey

    JoshuaFascinating story with a lot of things from the previous book repeatedly being brought back to your mind while a puzzling new side set of events carried the line. I could see the area from befor...

  • Edward Norman

    good reading but a little on the far out for an. d man reincarnation as a jaguar...

  • Ed Burnette

    Follow onAnother good read by Mr. Pyle. Just good as Boone's Branch Landing keeping you in suspense. An easy read without getting to deep into superstition....