Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Vol. 9

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Vol. 9

In order to fulfill his vow to kill Prof. Einstürzen, Heine resumes his search for the entrance to the Below and the experimental facility where he was born. As he and Badou move further into the depths of the Underground, they’re tracked down by Giovanni, who offers to help—but what are his real intentions? Meanwhile, Naoto confronts Magato, seeking the key to her past, and Director Neubauten sends the Special Defense Force to attack Einstürzen’s fiercest troops.

Title:Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Vol. 9
Edition Language:English
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  • usagi ??

    Poor Luki and Noki :(...

  • Cornerofmadness

    It's a shame it takes so long to get an English translation of this because I end up forgetting things (there's like one a year). I had to reread #8 to make sense of this. Just like in #8, a lot of bi...

  • Nico

    Meh. There wasn't anything in this that made me particularly not like it, just didn't do a whole lot for me. There were some good moments, and a few twists, but the spark this series had wasn't there ...

  • Barbara

    I love the Miwa's art, and the story is interesting...but confusing. That probably has more to do with the time between volumes than anything. Fight scenes are pretty hard to read, too, but that's jus...