The Curious Case of the Missing Moolah

The Curious Case of the Missing Moolah


2016, , 2020-reading-challenge

Eric Stanton has a big problem. Three armed robbers have stolen ten grand of his boss’ money from him. So far, so bad.

However, his boss isn’t the kind of man who will take that kind of loss lying down. If Eric can't get the money back, then it becomes his debt. And his boss isn't the kind of man he wants to owe money to, especially when he can’t afford to pay. So Stanton has one option: get the money back before anybody notices it’s gone!

But when he realises that he’s been set up, and that this is part of a bigger picture, he does the one thing he can think of to even up the score – he brings in his brother, Derek. Now, Derek might not be the smartest man on the planet, or the most reliable, but he’s six-feet four, strong as an ox and handy with his fists.

So the brothers decide to play detective, and take a trip around the seamier parts of Teesside in search of the money – upsetting the locals, breaking bones and trading quips, right up until the brutal finale.

Foul-mouthed, fast-moving and bone-crunchingly violent – this is one Case that’s bound to make you Curious!

Title:The Curious Case of the Missing Moolah
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    The Curious Case of the Missing Moolah Reviews

  • Col

    Synopsis/blurb.......Eric Stanton has a big problem. Three armed robbers have stolen ten grand of his boss’ money from him. So far, so bad.However, his boss isn’t the kind of man who will take tha...

  • Karl Wiggins

    Reading 'Missing Moolah' is like walking through the Jasmine Allen EstateThis book grew on me, and I like the author too. Martin Stanley writes like a facial scar, stitches running the length of your ...

  • Kevin McNamara

    EnjoyableThis is my first book by Mr. Stanley and I am impressed. A pair of debt collectors get robbed and need to get the cash back quick before their boss finds out. A fast paced tale that keeps you...


    A hard hitting thrillerLoved this book, the characters are hard men in a hard environment. However it's not a dystopian tale as there is a real sense of humanity within the characters. Will definitely...

  • Keith Nixon

    The Stanton brothers have been robbed of £10k (the missing moolah), if they don't retrieve it is them who will owe their loan shark boss. The trouble is they don't have that kind of cash squirreled a...

  • Warren Stalley

    When his boss’s money is stolen from debt collector Eric Stanton then the only option is to fight back with extreme violence in this incendiary crime tale from author Martin Stanley. Assisted by his...

  • Ted Tayler

    "A surfeit of bleeps"Far be it for me to criticise authors who use the odd swear word in their books. We hear bad language every day on our TVs, in the street and even in the playground at primary sch...

  • Ms Rita Crawford

    Bad luck and troubleAn alright wee gangster story with 1 very likeable brother and the other I'm guessing would grow on you if you read anymore Along with their new mate they decide to take on the gan...


    Quick ReadFound this book ok but a little violent. Having read other authors who write about similar topics I did find this one more graphic and felt the story suffered because of this. ...

  • Rachel haywood

    It was okI wouldn't say it was bad but I wouldn't say it was good if I can't find anything else to read this will so...