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Project Skydancer was the brainchild of the Ministry of Defence. Beautiful and terrifying in its simplicity, DS29 had designed new warheads for Polaris missiles, warheads that with consummate ease could evade the new batteries of anti-ballistic missiles the Russians had set up around their prime military targets. For Aldermaston scientist Peter Joyce, it was the pinnacle of his career. Until his documents from the project turned up one chilly October morning on Parliament Hill, and the Ministry's prime suspect committed suicide leaving him with only two alternatives: write off a billion-pound project, or approve tests which could give Russia the power to wipe out the West at the touch of a button-.

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    Skydancer Reviews

  • Paul Adler

    This book is a spy thriller written during the cold war. Of I not normally read spy novels but I had heard Geoffrey Archer wrote good spy thrillers.This is the 1st Geoffrey Archer novel I have read. I...

  • Nishant Pappireddi

    Pretty good plot, with multiple relevant subplots, but the ending did not close up all the loose strands....

  • Bob Levine

    There were enough plots and sub plots to keep in entertaining. The trouble I had was keeping up with all the characters. It wrapped up to quickly in the end. It was enjoyable, just wish it was longer....

  • JM

    Maybe before Tom Clancy came on the scene, this was considered gripping and suspenseful, but I'm hesitant to even think that.Ruskies vs. Tommies vs. Yanks in nuclear espionage land. If you have anothe...

  • Alison Clifford

    Good overall story - I did enjoy it. Was left unsatisfied by the ending....