The Welcome Light

The Welcome Light


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Glasgow in the early 20th century is the setting for this novel by the author who has been praised as Scotland's Catherine Cookson.
  Only love for their son holds Kirsty and Craig Nicholson's stormy marriage together. But when a crippling disease strikes the child, Craig's adamant male pride turns to tenderness and concern, and Kirsty, drained by worry and overwork, seeks comfort in the arms of her new business partner.
  Only a series of near-tragic events brings Kirsty to a final, unexpected confrontation and a decision where her heart really lies.
 This concludes the story set in Glasgow in the early 20th century that began in the Good ProviderThe Asking Price and The Wise Child.

Title:The Welcome Light
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  • cathie knott

    The Nicholson QuartetAs always a book well worth reading by Jessica Stifling. She always brings life to her stories. Never a boring read....