Annuities For Dummies

Annuities For Dummies


Why look into annuities? If you're a Baby Boomer with little or no pension and most of your money in low-interest savings accounts, an annuity may be the key to a secure and comfortable retirement. How can you find out whether an annuity is right for you? Read "Annuities For Dummies, 3rd Edition."This completely revised and updated, plain-English guide is packed with the latest information on choosing the best annuity for your retirement needs. You'll find out exactly what annuities are, whether they're the right financial vehicle for you, and which of the many annuity options might have your name on it. You'll learn the ins and outs of using annuities to fund your retirement years, figure out whether to stress investments with insurance or insurance with investments, and find out how the right combination of annuities can help you squeeze more income out of your savings that any other financial tool. Discover how to: Identify the main types of annuitiesWeigh the pros and cons of annuities for yourselfMinimize the complexity and cost of your annuity investmentFigure out how much money to commitAvoid common annuity pitfallsCreate an income you can't outlive

The time to start securing your financial future is now. "Annuities For Dummies, 3rd Edition," gives you knowledge, insider tips, and expert advice you need to make your money do its best for you.

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    Annuities For Dummies Reviews

  • Lin

    My edition is a bit dated (2006 ish) but in general, it is very informative....

  • Marcus Goncalves

    Overall good overview, an introduction. Still, a bit complicated, so I’d higher Cert. Financial Advisor, regardless. But, good overview....

  • Michael Berges

    Very very repetitive, could have been cut in half. Also at this point the information as far as additional resources or tax information is outdated....

  • David

    Great starter book to understand annuity. For most consumer, only book you need. ...