King Solomon's Wives: Books I - III

King Solomon's Wives: Books I - III


The two thousand descendants of King Solomon’s ancient harem have the ultimate power of seduction: Their very touch is as addictive as any drug.

But that power comes at a price: Wives are only fertile until the age of twenty-four. They can only bear daughters. And they die giving birth.

In the first episode, Hunted, we meet Sumarra on the night she plans to conceive. Rebellious and tired of life on the run, she makes a plan that could end her Sisters’ troubles. But when a hopeful night turns deadly, Sumarra’s defiance will either be their salvation or her own undoing.

In Addicted, the Wives have gone into hiding, trying to avoid capture and hoping to find a way to reach each other. Unaware of their plight is Sonya, a rogue Wife who ran away after breaking the clan’s cardinal rule: never fall in love. But when Wives turn up in Vegas held hostage by Hunters, Sonya again must choose between her husband and her Sisters—between love and duty.

In Sacrificed, time and hope are running out for Sumarra, Sonya and the rest of the Wives. Their best hope is Dilara—can she be the leader the Wives so desperately need? Even if it means sacrificing her rank, her integrity, and her own life?

Title:King Solomon's Wives: Books I - III
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  • Michelle Mcroberts

    Unsatisfying due to the cliffhanger. OK...not even a cliffhanger. It. Just. Stops.I hate that, but I like the story so far. I will be very disappointed if I have to pay another $3 for an episode that ...