A Charge of Valor

A Charge of Valor


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In A CHARGE OF VALOR Thor continues on his quest, deeper into the Empire, to retrieve the stolen Destiny Sword and save the Ring. As he and his friends meet unexpected tragedy and lose a member of their close-knit group, Thor and his remaining friends become closer than they ever were, learning that they must face and overcome adversity together. Their journey takes them to new and exotic terrains, including the desolate Salt Fields, the Great Tunnel, and the Mountains of Fire, as they face a host of unexpected monsters at every turn.

Thor's skills deepen as he undergoes his most advanced training yet, and he will need to draw on powers greater than he has ever used if he is to survive. They finally discover where the Sword has been taken, and they learn that, to retrieve it, they will have to venture to the most dreaded place in the Empire: the Land of the Dragons.

Back in the Ring, Gwendolyn recovers slowly and grapples with deep depression after her attack. Kendrick and the others vow to fight for her honor, despite the impossible odds. There follows one of the great battles in the history of the Ring, as they struggle to free Silesia and conquer Andronicus.

Meanwhile, Godfrey finds himself in disguise behind enemy lines and begins to come into his own, learning what it means to become a warrior, in his own, unique way. Gareth manages to stay alive, using all his cunning to avert capture by Andronicus, while Erec fights for his life to save Savaria from the oncoming invasion by Andronicus-and to save his love, Alistair. Argon pays a precious price for doing the forbidden: meddling in human affairs. And Gwendolyn must decide if she will give up on life, or take up the secluded life of a nun in the ancient Tower of Refuge.

But not before, in a shocking twist, Thor finally learns who his real father is.

Title:A Charge of Valor
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    A Charge of Valor Reviews

  • Dawn

    ++SPOILERS++I feel the author is rushing the books as the series progresses.There are multiple typos and grammatical errors and a lack of continuity.Examples:1. Elden first tells us he joined the Legi...

  • Sara Barthol

    Please, for the love of all that is good in writing, hire a real editor!At one point a character can just hide in some sacred place, then she'll never leave, but if she does leave... really?Conveying ...

  • Adrian Viloria

    Eh. Reading purely to finish the story...

  • Aru

    To sum up this series .....after the fifth book i did not feel like reading this book .... it seems like as the series is progressing the characters are becoming dumber and dumber and i thought after ...

  • Xapphirea

    + love the storyline, it keeps getting better+ DRAGONS, even more dragons + magic gets stronger- people are very binary, either good or bad, nothing in between- lots and lots and lots and lots and lot...

  • Ojo

    Good simple story. Straight to the point. No unnecessary embellishments. The only minus in ACoV is the reluctance of the author to kill off characters. Thorgrin and Co. get off far too lightly against...

  • Stephen

    my biggest complaint is everyone falls in love at first sight, I mean it's fine once or twice, but every single love story is an instant "we are destined to be together". I like the story, but this bo...

  • Carolyn

    This is easily the worst series I have ever read. But they are so epically bad I can't stop! My library has the first 10, so I am not paying for them. Please oh please don't spend money on these! I ju...

  • Rodney

    Eh. What's to say? This has the same flaws as the others. Nice twist at the end, but that seems to be what she's going for...sub-par writing and plot development, but a good enough twist to keep you r...

  • Melissa

    I read this book as it was free from the Library. The writing is terrible. The average high school student could write this. The same phrases were said over and over. The main characters could be kill...