A Little Bit of Crazy

A Little Bit of Crazy

I'm strong, I'm passionate, I'm free.
At least I was until my father asked me to marry his handsome, charming and completely gorgeous right hand man who was also a sort of friend to myself. I agreed of course, mainly because it was his last dying wish to see me with someone who he knew would treat me well.
Will I love him? Will I hate him?
Maybe both with a little bit of crazy
I know I'll fail, I'm selfish, self-centered and shallow. I just hope he's prepared for when I do.

This is our story, it has: a Channing Tatum poster, a long lost brother, a bony blonde and a promiscuous female friend, plus a hot shot star and the one and only sinus blocker Sylvia. Now throw in a crazy lady and a man who would do anything for her (meaning myself and James) and you have our story. Or the first part of it.

*Recommended for readers aged 17+ due to some sexual content and strong language*
Approx: 64000 words.

Title:A Little Bit of Crazy
Edition Language:English
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    A Little Bit of Crazy Reviews

  • Patrycja

    3.5 stars...

  • Vixster

    Great debut book, it had strong character ( Maya more so than James ) great chemistry and the shock factor.....All the things I love in a book. Maya was a spunky mare with a huge potty mouth but reall...

  • Jen O'grady

    I have to say I loved this story and adore Maya, loved her passion and banter with James so much, for once a different story line and I didn't see the twist coming at the end which brings me onto my n...

  • Janey

    5 heartbroken starsWow..what a debut! Fantastic story of the kick ass, tell it as it is, humorous, kooky Maya, who promises her father, on his deathbed, that she will enter into an arranged marriage w...

  • Louise BookbestiesUK

    5 big fat shiny stars. I loved this book and what a fantastic debut novel. I loved Maya, she was funny, smart and everything I love about a book heroine! I also loved the internal dialogue with her li...

  • ?**??Yasmine??**?

    'I’m crazy, sex crazed, party crazed, work crazed, coffee crazed, chocolate crazed.' Cover: 7/10Writing style: 9/10Heroine: 9/10Hero: 8/10Amount of humour: 8/10Amount of jealousy: 3/10Hotness: 6/...

  • Melisa Hamling

    Holy mother of... OMG! A little crazy? No! It's a whole lotta Crazy!A little bit of crazy? Oh hell no! But I loved it :)Okay, so let me start off with Maya. Oh, Maya! What can I say about her? She's f...

  • A.E. Murphy

    It's my very own first publication. I pray people enjoy and even if they don't it's a learning experience for me and I can apply all criticism and or praise to my future work. It's something I've work...

  • Saunders

    So where do I start with this review? A Little Bit Crazy was just that “crazy” and erratic.Maya, a twentyish rich and pampered young woman - subtlety is not her best trait - in fact where she is c...

  • VEL

    4.5 starsWell what a nice little surprise this little gem turned out to be.At first, I thought, hmmm..not going to be liking Maya much. A self centered, selfish and shallow girl. But as the storyline ...