Pledge Number Seven

Pledge Number Seven

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T.K. Rogers knows his Alpha Phi Kappa brothers would never accept a gay brother, so he’s kept that secret for two years from even his closest friends. Who can blame them? If he had the choice, he’d be straight too. But once pledge number seven gets under his skin and into his bed, T.K. can no longer separate his frat life and his sex life.

Carlos Castillo has everything figured out. A fraternity will give him instant friends, and he’ll gain real world experience in event planning and management. He just has to get through the hell of pledging. No problem. Staying in the closet was never part of the plan, but then again, neither was T.K. Rogers.

Hiding a relationship from the twenty guys you live with isn’t easy, but T.K. loves APK and risking his place in the brotherhood for a pledge he’s just met is not an option. How far will T.K. go to keep his secret?

WARNING: dubious consent

Two dark-haired young men sit on a hardwood floor, viewed through a doorway. The younger, clean-shaven man has his back against the wall, wearing a white undershirt, dark pants, and boots. The other man faces him, bracing himself with his hand between his boyfriend’s feet. He wears a dark t-shirt and has the beginnings of a beard growing in. The men’s faces are close, suggesting an intimate conversation or a kiss.

Something new that must be kept a secret. But secrets will out, and who discovers this 'forbidden' relationship? (And is it really as 'forbidden' as they think? Are they keeping their relationship a secret because of a game, because its easier, because one person in particular cannot know the truth?)

HEA (or a strong HFN), and a “forbidden affair” at least at the beginning. Bonus points for some dub-con and/or (reluctant?) kissing in public. Can be any level of heat.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love Has No Boundaries" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Title:Pledge Number Seven
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    Pledge Number Seven Reviews

  • Sandra

    Realistic and awfully cute story about a fratboy falling for his assigned pledge, figuring out how to reconcile his growing feelings with what he's been taught all his life and then finding the courag...

  • Pjm12

    Really enjoyed this long detailed if not very original college frat coming out story. Both protagonists were clearly described - Carlos' determination to pledge as a gay man, and T.K's confusion and d...

  • Meep

    If not for the dub-con this is a cute enough coming out story, therefore I'll not rate it.First, what for me is the turn-off: -(view spoiler)[seven is busy blowing T.K. - T.K. is thrusting his hips fo...

  • Connie

    Such a cute story.This story just flowed. The characters were interesting and specially TK. Such a depth to him, his personality, his fears, his doubts.We get to see them all from his POV. And the fac...

  • Bookbee

    4.5 Stars rounded up.Another great story from the "Love Has No Boundaries" collection.First let me say that Present tense is not my favourite. But please don't let that stop you from reading this real...

  • Vivian

    3.5 starsCollege coming of age story that I enjoyed, but there was nothing new or groundbreaking in the plot or characters to really stand out. A solid fraternity hazing offering with a requisite dub-...

  • Pamela Su

    What a cute story. I just love reading about frat boys and this story was pretty enjoyable. T.K. and Carlos were an adorable couple and I liked reading about how they got to know each other. There's a...

  • Leaundra

    A cute and sweet story! I loved them together! I could have read more about these two! I hated that it ended....

  • Laurie Evans

    I'm a fan of forbidden love, so I loved this story. The author did a great job with the male point of view.The story flowed nicely; she had great cliffhangers at the end of each chapter that made me w...

  • Annika

    3,5*I have to give it to the author, she's very talented and had me deeply disliking T.K. From the first page on. She even manages to redeem him to me in very few pages. The whole situation and reacti...