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Innocent young Willow Cross is trying to make it as a photographer in artsy San Francisco, but times are tough and the rent money is due. To make ends meet, Willow takes a job as personal assistant to James Vincent, the exotic, gorgeous and exceedingly detached owner of the mysterious Club Rapture, rumored to be a hotbed of sex and vampire culture. The first night on the job, Willow is ushered into a dark underworld where bondage, whips, paddles—and a vampire’s kiss--elicits an irresistible combination of pain and pleasure. As Willow is slowly initiated into Club Rapture’s secret underground sex parties, she must decide whether she can trust James Vincent to be her eternal master in this strange new world of vampire lust.

Story Info: SLAVE to a VAMPIRE is a 10,000+ word erotic story that contains explicit sexual situations, harsh graphic language, erotic situations, sexual submission, domination, submission, humiliation, bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, BDSM and is a Vampire and Paranormal erotic romance. All characters depicted within are 18 years of age AND it is very much a story for adults only (18+)


I shuffled to the elevator, blushing. I would have never imagined myself working at a place like Club Rapture. It’s not that the idea of a sex club bothered or offended me; sex was simply an area that I had very little experience in. I had done it with a couple of boyfriends in college but had never really seen what all the fuss was about. And besides, a BDSM club?! I barely even knew what BDSM was when my friend Chad had told me about the opening for the position of James Vincent’s personal assistant. Chad was a photographer too and had been working for James taking erotic photographs for a couple of years. Working for James Vincent was supposedly a big deal. Aside from Club Rapture, James owned about twenty other sex clubs in San Francisco as well as a popular BDSM website. There were also rumors—clearly the rumor mill working overtime—that the aloof and handsome Mr. Vincent was a nothing less than a real-life vampire.

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    SLAVE to a VAMPIRE Reviews

  • Daria

    it was ok. started good and ended good would have been soo much better if it was a longer book. ;)...