God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships

God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships

As a young Christian man, Matthew Vines harbored the same basic hopes of most young people: to some-day share his life with someone, to build a family of his own, to give and receive love. But when he realized he was gay, those hopes were called into question. The Bible, he’d been taught, condemned gay relationships.

Feeling the tension between his understanding of the Bible and the reality of his same-sex orientation, Vines devoted years of intensive research into what the Bible says about homosexuality. With care and precision, Vines asked questions such as:

• Do biblical teachings on the marriage covenant preclude same-sex marriage or not?
• How should we apply the teachings of Jesus to the gay debate?
• What does the story of Sodom and Gomorrah really say about human relationships?
• Can celibacy be a calling when it is mandated, not chosen?
• What did Paul have in mind when he warned against same-sex relations?

Unique in its affirmation of both an orthodox faith and sexual diversity, God and the Gay Christian is likely to spark heated debate, sincere soul searching, even widespread cultural change. Not only is it a compelling interpretation of key biblical texts about same-sex relations, it is also the story of a young man navigating relationships with his family, his hometown church, and the Christian church at large as he expresses what it means to be a faithful gay Christian.

Title:God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships
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    Firstly and as usual I received this book free in exchange for a review. Also as usual I give my absolutely candid opinions about it below. To start, it should be noted that I'm not a Christian nor ev...

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    Much has already been written about the Vines book. Here is a quick assessment: The book is winsomely written and claims to be guided by evangelical sensibilities. That is, the author claims to respec...

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    This book offers a theologically conservative and biblically rigorous basis for a Christian faith that arrives at the following conclusion:“Christians who affirm the full authority of Scripture can ...

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    It's amazing the lengths we go to try and fit the Bible to our lifestyle instead of the other way around....

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    I read this book because I had never truly understood how some could justify living an openly homosexual lifestyle while maintaining a Christian lifestyle. I commend Matthew Vines for attempting to an...

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    I was initially unsure whether I needed this book as I already have Justin Lee's Torn, which approaches the questions from the same basic theological framework. After reading God and the Gay Christian...

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    Where do I start?Matthew Vines, as a gay Conservative Christian man, carefully and courageously invites The Reader into a daring journey: seeing Scripture in a new light. He refrains from condescensio...

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    I absolutely loved this book.My only quibble---and it's a small one---is that I would've preferred if we had seen more of a personal side to it. But I absolutely understand why Matthew Vines made the ...

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    I should have read this book years ago, but I think I was afraid of being convinced that same-sex sexual activity is morally permissible for followers of Christ; I was deeply closeted and self-hating ...