Welcome To Zombie Colorado

Welcome To Zombie Colorado


zombies, , Horror

Colorado is overrun with zombies. A small group of survivors try to stay alive amid all the chaos and make it to safety, while the world they know begins to crumble.

Welcome To Zombie Colorado is a scary but fun adventure, with a little humor thrown in. It is a dark but realistic look at what the end of the rational world could be like, with a healthy dose of zombies. It's a great example of survival horror, and what a group of average people can do to survive a zombie apocalypse. Will these survivors be able to make it to safety, or will they die a painful death?

This is a novella of approximately 23,000 words, and is book 1 of a new series.

Title:Welcome To Zombie Colorado
Edition Language:English
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    Welcome To Zombie Colorado Reviews

  • Rachel

    Most Boring Zombie Apocalypse Ever A bland little book, with bland little characters, and zombies that get my vote for "Least-Threatening".  A lot of dishes get washed, meals get made, a lot of banal...

  • Jennifer

    Sorry, but this was one of most boring books I've ever read. I kept thinking something exciting would happen but It never did. Also, the story kept switching from past to present tense. This drove me ...

  • Jett Cat

    Downloaded this from amazon, and thought it was a fun read....

  • Eya

    Just bad....

  • Jenn Swanson

    Was pretty good, fast paced, easy read. Worth checking out....