Hilltops Clear

Hilltops Clear


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By starting a farm in Maine, Prudence Schuyler hoped to forget the tragedy that had broken her faith in all rich and attractive young men. But her new neighbor turned out to be just such a man - sporting, debonair and immensely wealthy Rodney Gerard.

When lumber baron Len Colloway threatened to seize the valuable timber on her and Rod's properties, she was forced into partnership with the despised playboy. Against her will, Prue's heart began to stir. Did she have the courage to keep her heart in check? Would she find the happiness in which she had ceased to believe?

Title:Hilltops Clear
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  • Nick Stewart

    2.5 Stars. Prolific authors of romantic fiction, for the most part, have a formula. Barbara Cartland places chaste, beauteous Regency-era heroines in the clutches of dashing rouges. Danielle Steel's c...

  • Erica

    Another from my dad's stack of old paperbacks. So far I have only read one other Emilie Loring book and this one seemed follow the same mold. Enjoyable, but I think I will wait a while before I read a...

  • Madeline

    I really liked this one of Emilie Lorings. I loved the cozy cottage setting and the country she described. It was just a nice and sweet book....

  • Jeanne

    I started reading Emile Loring books when I picked up a paperback from a rack in a hotel lobby (for 50 cents) while on my sister's & my yearly vacation to visit my father. Hooked! I went on to purchas...

  • Jennifer Harding

    Good book, transcription errorsThis is an excellent book, but there were several places where the text had been transcribed as "illegible" , followed by nonsense. It should not be difficult to figure ...

  • Janice

    Prue was so snarky toward Rod that she was unlikable. ...