A Hart Life

A Hart Life


Colin Hart, the former Deep Purple and Rainbow tour manager devoted over thirty years of his life to these great rock musicians. This is his story and indeed theirs. A tale of excess in terms of greed, petulance, anger and devotion. It is counter balanced by extremes of pure talent, showmanship and, of course musicianship. He was the constant 'man in the middle' through all of the break ups, make-ups and revolving door line-up changes. Joining them at twenty-four years old and leaving with a curt email dismissal thirty years later, he was there every step of their rock 'n' roll way. A story of two of the most innovative, often copied, rock bands; seen through the eyes, ears and emotions of their 'mother hen' (as Jon Lord described him). He was their minder, chauffeur, carer, provider, protector, father confessor & confidant. In truth he is the only one who can tell this tale of both bands as he was the only one there on the road throughout the life of, not one, but both gigantic bands.

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  • Ophelia Dimopoulou

    Από τον Tour Manager, Colin Hart, μία συναρπαστική, μουσική Rock ιστορία της πορείας των θρύλων Deep Purple στην αρχή της καριέρ...

  • Bob Foster

    Fabulous account of life with Deep Purple and Rainbow.A fabulous real "insider" account of life with Deep Purple and Rainbow. Full of great detail of the ups and downs of "life with the band(s)"If you...

  • Kharis

    Superbly entertaining. An absolute 'must read' for anyone who wants to take a great rock 'n' roll ride! Loved this! ...