Fighting Gravity

Fighting Gravity


, z-fanfic-star-trek, 2016-english, Fan Fiction, Media Tie In

Star Trek fan fiction, Word count: 138981

When Spock left Starfleet after the encounter with Nero, Jim thought he'd lost his chance at their supposedly destined friendship. Upon returning to Earth after the Enterprise's first five-year mission, he discovers that Spock lost far more. Jim's willing to fight for the bright future they were promised, but the one thing standing in its way is Spock himself.

Title:Fighting Gravity
Edition Language:English
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    Fighting Gravity Reviews

  • Paper

    Overall, it was well written, but I have much trouble imaginig Spock - a genius with a formal education in at least linguistics & computer science having trouble to find some gig in the San Fran, and ...

  • Chris, the Dalek King

    Not a lot happening in this story, but it was still very good. Lots of character development over any real action plot. Lots of spock angst. liked how it all just worked so well together. ...

  • Eri

    How do you persuade a Vulcan to join you? Bribe him with a plushie penguin. ...