Watkins Iae Practical Eng Hndbk 6ed

Watkins Iae Practical Eng Hndbk 6ed


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With concise explanations, abundant examples and models, ample practice opportunity, and help with all stages of the writing process, the Practical English Handbook has helped millions of students to write more effectively. A coding system breaks down topics and facilitates student use. The book's compact size allows it to fit comfortably in the hand, while the durable sewn binding will withstand constant use. The MLA and APA documentation guidelines thoroughly reflect the most recent changes.

The chapter on "Writing a Research Paper" contains current information on conducting research and documenting sources in the electronic age. The Eleventh Edition contains four contemporary student papers, and the chapter on "Accurate Thinking and Writing" includes a sample student argument.

Title:Watkins Iae Practical Eng Hndbk 6ed
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