The Syn-En Solution

The Syn-En Solution

A woman from the past. A cyborg with no future.
They have every reason to mistrust each other but one: survival.

When Nell Stafford passed out it was 2012. When she wakes up naked aboard a starship it's 2138, and she's surrounded by the Syn-En: synthetically-enhanced soldiers with a grudge against humans like her. She doesn't know where she is or what's happened, only that her life has been destroyed and everyone she's ever known is dead.

Their leader Beijing York has just discovered his people's creators--humans--have betrayed them. They were promised freedom and equality in exchange for settling a newly discovered planet at the other side of a wormhole. But the Syn-En have outlived their usefulness.

The offer was a trick.

The wormhole has collapsed, and now both Nell and the Syn-En are trapped far, far from Earth to face almost certain death.

Bei has lost his future, and Nell has lost her past.

But Nell gained something in her 120-year sleep; somehow, she knows everything the Syn-En need to survive. Now she must convince Bei and his people to trust her--as soon as she learns to trust the mysterious intelligence.

Title:The Syn-En Solution
Edition Language:English
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  • SubterraneanCatalyst

    The first couple of chapters of this book are rough to get through. I think I picked this book up drowsily (very late at night, I'm an insomniac) scanning descriptions on Amazon..saw the word Cyborg a...

  • Kfdowner

    The only thing missing from this derivative dud is a front cover with a sexy lass clutching the rippled abs of a cyborg....

  • Coyora Dokusho

    Okay, so I really liked this but the writing was... mildly bad, actually. There were barely any typos, so yay! good! The sentences were interesting and not "See Spot. See Spot run." There was an accep...

  • Cornelia

    "There had to be a way out of the wormhole. Earth had shown the world pictures of the planet sent back from their probes. Sent the call for volunteers."Admiral Beijing York (Bei) volunteered the Syn-E...

  • Donald E Rockwell III

    Cybermen and humans!Excellent writing. Author puts advancer and enhanced men and women into space and as new world. A woman and the Admiral fall in love with many complications. Action abounds! First ...

  • allan graham

    GreatI liked this a lot, I have always been a SciFi geek and this was right up my street. If your a Trekkie original series fan you will so get this. Only complaint is the sex scene, not a prude but t...

  • Mandapanda

    Another book with poor editing :(...

  • Rebecca Graf

    Do you like action? Do you like science fiction? Do you like technology in your fiction works? Then you might want to check out Linda Andrews’ The Syn-En Solution.The world has changed. Humans have ...

  • Mindy

    This book is a fascinating mix of science fiction, fantasy, suspense, romance, and psychological implications. I loved the concept that there could be synthetic abilities or components linked to peopl...

  • Ilona

    Cyborg of the future meets girl of his dreams? Maybe, but the journey to find out is a great one for the reader. Linda andrews has the ability to suck you into her world and drag you through the emoti...