ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong)

ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong)

Bakit namamalo si Miss Uyehara?
May mga notebook bang lumilipad?
Bakit masakit sa ulo ang Mafhemafics?
Ano ang sikreto sa pagkakaibigan nila Pepe at Tagpi?
Bakit may mga taong nakapikit sa litrato?
Masarap ba ang Africhado?
Sino si Tigang?
Bakit may mga classroom na kulang ang upuan?
Masama bang mag-isip nang malalim habang naglalakad?
Saan ang Ganges River sa Pilipinas?
Bakit may mga umaakyat ng overpass pero hindi tumatawid?
Sino ang webmaster ng bobongpinoy sa Internet?

No calculators.
No dictionaries.
No erasures.
No cheating.

Oops, time's up!
Pass your papers.

Title:ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong)
Edition Language:Filipino; Pilipino
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    ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong) Reviews

  • Dean

    Bob Ong's ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! is a nostalgic account of his life in school. Throughout the book, Ong's renowned humor is well-spread. He has the ability of adding a humorous twist to any dismal event in h...

  • Crishell

    I remember I was depressed when I was reading this... I felt back then that everything wasn't working for me. So I went to the bookstore and looked for a book that could possibly make me laugh. I chos...

  • kwesi ???

    Try and try until you succeed. Experience is the best teacher. Time is gold. Honesty is the best policy. Be the best of what you are. He who opens a school door, closes a prison. No man is an island. ...

  • Ranee

    i studied in a private school in elementary, but heck, i can relate to his jokes, i am after all a Promdi...

  • Joyzi

    I read it in one sitting, this is a very short book but full of sense I described it as "short but meaty." I really enjoyed this book a lot because it's not only damn funny but heck I can relate to hi...

  • Ay?a Acu˝a

    I've read all of Bob Ong's published book except for this one. I am glad I've read this last because I'm not disappointed. Bob Ong's narration of his childhood, particularly his school days, did well....

  • Alexa

    This is a light, entertaining book about Bob Ong's time spent in school. I read this in one sitting but somehow my head felt fuller because it shows you interesting perspectives of looking at school. ...

  • Ace Orbita

    i bought this book in manila during ur affiliation..i got curious coz every one was talking bout bob ong and i have no idea on who he was..i was amaze with the content of this book. its funny but in t...

  • Joyce Cai

    I remembered the first time I stumbled upon this book on my friend's desk. Upon reading the first few pages, I just couldn't wait to finish it. It kept me wanting more and more. I was grade six back t...

  • Teresa

    This was the second time I read the book. It made me laugh the first time, bringing me back to my school days. Some might think this book is just a recounting of Bob Ong's days at school, filled with ...