A Day at the Circus

A Day at the Circus


An entertaining day at the circus for the children in this delightful board book introduces toddlers to a variety of different circus animals.

Board pages with different shapes give the book a layered 3D effect A cheerful little story is told in rhyme Children are entertained by performing circus animals

Bright color illustrations are filled with fascinating details on every two-page spread.

Title:A Day at the Circus
Edition Language:English
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    A Day at the Circus Reviews

  • Jodie

    Such a cute board book. Took my nephew to his first circus and thought we would share a couple of books about where we were going. So glad that I found this one....

  • Valerie

    A board book for young readers where each page is a different shape giving it a 3-D effect. There isn't a lot of text but the pictures have lots of detail and are good for discussions....