A Modest War (Seikai no Monshou, #2)

A Modest War (Seikai no Monshou, #2)

Jinto and Lafiel escape from Baron Febdash's orbital palace only to fall into the Human Unification Army's clutches. Thrust into the middle of an ugly battle for intergalactic supremacy, the lander noble and the Imperial princess must learn to work together if they want to survive.

Experience the unfolding space opera adventure in Seikai: Crest of the Stars 2: A Modest War.

Title:A Modest War (Seikai no Monshou, #2)
Edition Language:English
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    A Modest War (Seikai no Monshou, #2) Reviews

  • Nathaniel

    Much better paced than the first novel and you get a better sense of how big everything is and how the universe as a whole in the story works. ...

  • Maverynthia

    This is hte part of the story that really cranks out the whole tsundere princess needs a man to teach her the ways of the world and she needs to "be a woman" and wear a dress and garbage that really k...

  • Chris Duval

    The original trilogy won the Seiun in 1997. It's a fun space opera, very light. In English the flow is somewhat disturbed by parentheticals that give Baronh transliterations for the words whose meanin...

  • Hyperion

    Still love the relationship and witty banter between Jinto and Lafier. I don't remember the anime being as funny as the books have been. I may need to give it a rewatch at some point. The surprise ins...

  • Ayman Teaman

    It has been so long since I have watched & read this, but it was very enjoyable with credible settings, lovable characters, good action and plot twists.Not much else to say!...

  • Lauren

    Enjoyable read, highly recommend this series.v...