The Wednesdays

The Wednesdays

Mystery, magic, mischief and monsters abound in this slightly fantastical story of a human kid who wants to stay that way. Perfect for fans of Ransom Riggs and Maryrose Wood.

Max’s village is absolutely normal in every single way and on every single day—except Wednesday. Most of the townsfolk shutter their windows and lock their doors to hide away from the many peculiar things that happen—things like cats getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner and birthday cakes meeting fiery and horrific ends. But Max is too curious for that, and so, breaking every rule in the village, he searches out the cause of all the Wednesday weirdness.

What he uncovers is a secret so devious—so dastardly and mischievous—that life as he knows it will never be the same. Max himself is not the same. Suddenly the mysterious little accidents so common on Wednesdays are happening to him on Thursdays, Fridays—even Saturdays! What’s come over Max? And more importantly, is there any cure for a case of the Wednesdays?

Title:The Wednesdays
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    The Wednesdays Reviews

  • Rebecca McNutt

    I'm not sure why The Wednesdays is so underrated but personally I really enjoyed it. It's funny, daring and very different, and one of those middle grade books which is not too extreme or vulgar for k...

  • Jo

    “Max shrugged and decided to follow. He was quite certain that this was all going to turn out to be either a very good idea or a very bad idea. He just wished that he could tell which one.” In...

  • Barb Middleton

    Max is a clod. Even moreso than me, so of course, I loved him from the get-go. He turns blue after swimming, locks himself in a garbage can, dumps oil on his hair, and best yet... he sets his mom's ha...

  • Donna

    The Wednesdaysby Julie BourbeauRandom House/Alfred A. KnopfAugust 14,2012received by NetGalley for reviewFun, spooky book. Something lurks halfway up the mountain...but only on Wednesdays. The people ...

  • Betsy

    One Sentence Review: As I recall I enjoyed this book quite a bit when I was reading it, but now that time has passed I can't remember single solitary detail (which is probably a bad sign right there)....

  • Cara

    The Wednesdays was disappointing. The premise sounded good, but unfortunately the characters just didn’t capture my attention. There were parts of the story where I really wanted to know what was co...

  • Gina (My Precious Blog)

    Really fun, adorable read. Reminded me a lot of Ronald Dahl books with a quirky cast of easy to love characters. Full Review to come closer to review date.Gina @ My

  • Stephanie Neil

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  • Invisible reader

    I really enjoyed this book, it definitely drug on a bit and was pretty predictable but for a younger audience I can see why it’s loved. I am glad I read this though and I would definitely recommend,...

  • Rene' Riddle

    Fun book. My 4th grade son loved it and still talks about it....