The Temperature of This Water

The Temperature of This Water


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Poetry. Asian American Studies. In The THE TEMPERATURE OF THIS WATER, Ishle Yi Park samples the climates of New York and Korea to present an unflinching, meticulously detailed view of lives cracked open as much by love as they are by overwork, violence, and racism. Sharp street wit and a sensual attention to detail give vivid, palpable form to the lovers and criminals, mothers and gangbangers who live behind the closed doors of New York immigrant life. Within each poem lies a story; within each story lies a whole community waiting to be uncovered. Whether tracing the path of prisoners meeting girlfriends or Korean comfort women or .44s shot from rooftops in Brooklyn, Park's passion and uncompromising honesty lays bare the ruined heart of a city still pulsing with light.

Title:The Temperature of This Water
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    The Temperature of This Water Reviews

  • Julie

    heartbreaking. uplifting. so filled with truth and rawness. Ishle Yi Park, a townsend harris alum, daughter of korean immigrants, daughter of fish market owners, daughter of parents who were brought t...

  • Sidney Yang

    "Read the best books first, or you may not have the chance to read them at all."Henry David Thoreau"Many times the reading of a book has made the future of a man."Ralph Waldo Emerson"Employ your time ...

  • L

    "makes me wonder about death,/ my mother's ears, and the shape/of her waist before I was born...""I've heard enough stories from my aunt about how he once slashed his own stomach open to show a would-...

  • Meher

    Absolutely evocative, Ishle Yi Park has the phenomenal ability to look at herself, her community and her group of people with both, compassion and derision. She is able to draw out these people with r...

  • Sarah Kim

    So raw.I thought I didn't like poetry, but this was amazing. Love, anger, loneliness. Perhaps I'm a bit biased because I chose to emulate Ishle Yi Park for a poetry project last year.But this is incre...

  • Tashal

    I love Ishle. She is a wonderful and amazing woman. She inspired me to start writing and performing poetry. I had to write a review of her book several years ago, here it is:

  • Aaron

    An urban, Asian-American's point of view through family, love, and life. I've noticed that her favorite words to use seem to be "break" and "crack". My favorite 'stanza' was,Let's take this night over...

  • Dalia

    Dopest. Writer. Ever.(and so humble and beautiful and inspiring and all-love too!)...

  • Charles

    Korean-American Poet Ishle Yi Park. She threw down on this one. Political, biting, soft, tender... ...

  • J

    Loved this collection!...