Silverhair The Wanderer

Silverhair The Wanderer

He was master of magic, music, and the sword.

Silverhair the Wanderer

His path led him through a world of sorcery and strike; through a life of minstrely and magic. His quest was to master the mysteries of ancient craft and lore; his goal was to find and rescue those torn from him by war.

Once he was Farin of Hawkcrest Hold; and then Farin Harper, Knight of Westria.

Now he was simply – Silverhair the Wanderer.

Protected only by his sword, his harp, and his songs, pursued by a powerful evil wizard, Silverhair's road led to goddesses and ghosts, man-monsters and madness, scholars and shapeshifters, the palaces of royalty and the tents of ragged nomads. But for all the perils he braved, for all the dangers he conquered, Silverhair's goal remained unseen, elusive, a mystery beyond solution...

Because his beloved sister and her son, heir to the throne of Westria, had vanished – utterly vanished – from the face of the earth.

Title:Silverhair The Wanderer
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  • Kathi

    7/10“The Wanderer” is apt; this third book in the Westria series takes us all over (and I appreciated the map, even though it was almost too small to read in my paperback edition). Silverhair, for...