Her Reluctant Rancher

Her Reluctant Rancher

Contemporary Western Romance Novel
65,000 words/204 pp
Heat Index: Hot and Steamy

Living with his stern grandfather taught Trevor Callahan one important lesson: Caring makes a man weak. Now the old man is dead and Trev returns to Stone Creek for one reason and one reason only--to sell the Rocking C Ranch. Maybe then he can put his past behind him and move on.

Beth Evans once confused lust for love and vows never to let it happen again. The bookmobile driver is trying to raise funds to build a new library. The late Hank Callahan bequeathed a million dollars for the project, but he attached one stipulation: Do not let his grandson sell the ranch.


He leaned across the desk. "You know, we haven't discussed the kiss the other night."

She scooted the chair back. "There's nothing to discuss."

He stood and slowly came around the desk, reached for her hand and pulled her to her feet. "I want to kiss you again."

"That's probably not a good idea." Oh, lord. She was playing with fire and if she wasn't careful, she was going to get burned. Bad.

"Probably not. I know you said we'd never kiss again. But don't you want to kiss me? Can't you feel the pull between us?"

"Yes . . . No!" She jerked her hand free and started backing away.

He followed, closing in on her until she bumped against the library table. "Just one kiss, Beth. One kiss can't hurt."

Before she could react, before she could reply, Trevor wrapped his arms around her, covered her mouth with his and God help her, she was a goner.

Title:Her Reluctant Rancher
Edition Language:English
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    Her Reluctant Rancher Reviews

  • Judy Karsh

    This book was fantastic and shows that love does conquer all. Trevor Callahan had to learn how to love, Beth Evans didn't trust that she knew the difference between lust and love, Maggie Evans helped ...

  • Cheesecake

    Not my favourite by this author, but still enjoyable. The little girl is well.... annoying. Ms. Novark only seems to only write cloyingly sweet kids. The girl is such an overly obvious mechanism for f...

  • Pbiis314

    Pleasantly surprised That I enjoyed this book. First time reader from this author and the cover looks a little cheesy for my taste but a good romance novel. Truly enjoyed the characters and the streng...

  • Darcy Weber

    Cowboys and RanchesBelieving his grandfather hated him, Trevor leaves the family ranch, never looking back. He lives life alone, and lonely, going from job to job as well as woman to woman, never sett...

  • Mary Robertson

    I loved this book so much that I read it in one sitting! It grabbed my attention from the first page and I just kept going. I laughed at sweet Maggie's antics and cried as Beth helps Trevor to mend hi...

  • Traci

    Great bookAs usual, author presents a wonderful story. It draws you in from the first page, and keeps you reading. The characters were wonderful, and found myself reaching for tissues.. Will continue ...

  • Cynthia

    BeautifulTrevor comes back to sell the family ranch and runs into a young mom & her little girl. Beth is cataloging the books from the ranch so she can have them ready for the book mobile and future l...

  • Chanda Hofrichter

    Stone CreekI love this story and the way Beth was able through love to get Callahan to come around. Leo was a good man and his love for the ranch helped. Good read, I would recommend this for a light ...

  • Pamela Shorkey

    Fun storyI really enjoyed reading Beth and Trevor's story. Trevor comes back to sell his grandfather's ranch, but he is not prepared for Beth and her 5 year old daughter Maggie. A very good read. ...

  • Millie Lyons

    Great bookKept me reading. Tears and smiles. I really like happy endings. Not always do we need the bad in life, but we do know it is there and when someone, even someone fictional overcomes the bad w...