A House Somewhere: Tales of Life Abroad (Lonely Planet Journeys)

A House Somewhere: Tales of Life Abroad (Lonely Planet Journeys)

In this collection some of the finest names in contemporary travel writing reveal the perils and pleasures of exchanging the familiar for the foreign.

Isabel Allende discovers love and paradise in California, Pico Iyer finds home in Japan amidst the alien and indecipherable, and a dank barge on the Seine opens up a new side of Paris for Mort Rosenblum.

Revealing the flip side to the dream, relocating to the juicy heart of New York proves fiery for Lily Brett, Chris Stewart is frightened for his life in Andalucia, and the plumbing in William Dalrymple’s rooftop Delhi flat is held to ransom by his water-conserving landlady.

Original Stories by:
Isabel Allende, Karl Taro Greenfeld, Jan Morris, Rolf Potts, Mort Rosenbaum, Jeffrey Taylor, Errol Trzebinski, Simon Winchester.

Selected writings by:
Vida Adamoli, Lily Brett, Tony Cohan, William Dalrymple, Amitav Ghos, Carla Grissmann, James Hamilton-Paterson, Annie Hawes, Peter Hesller, Pico Iyer, Alex Kerr, Frances Mayes, Peter Mayle, Tim Parks, Chris Stewart, Emma Tennant, Paul Theroux, Nial Williams and Christine Breen.

Home thoughts from Abroad --
A Home in Paradise --
The Alien Home, From the Global Soul --
Tiwarik and Kansulay, from Playiing with Water --
February, from A Year in Provence --
Festina Tarde (Make Haste Slowly), from Under the Tuscan Sun --
from City of Djinns --
from O come Ye Back to Ireland --
Digging Mr Benny's Dead Uncle --
Troppo Gentile, from Italian Neighbours --
At Home on the Seine --
Tenmangu, from Lost Japan --
from Dinner of Herbs --
A Co-op Building, from New york --
A House in the Casbah --
The Visit, from On Mexican Time --
The Year Brunetto II Piccolo Fell in Love, from La Bella Vita --
from Extra Virgin --
Waiting for juan, from a Parrot in the Pepper Tree --
Lataifa, From In an Antique Land --
Aloft in Paris --
Chinese Life, from River Town --
A Love-Scene after Work: Writing in the Tropics, from Sunrise with Seamonsters --
from A House in Corfu --
Barefoot at Shanzu --
Coming Home in Massachusetts

Title:A House Somewhere: Tales of Life Abroad (Lonely Planet Journeys)
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    A House Somewhere: Tales of Life Abroad (Lonely Planet Journeys) Reviews

  • Debbie Robson

    I have decided, after careful deliberation, that I simply can't read any more of this book. Which is embarrassing as I bought it for my best friend. I have struggled and struggled but I just am not in...

  • Danielle

    Had to read it for school, otherwise I wouldn't have even considered reading it. I'm not going to give this a high rating because I found these stories boring. It's just not my cup of tea.Though I am ...

  • Jenni

    Honestly, I loved the idea of this book more than the execution. It features short excerpts from travel writers describing their lives abroad, with vignettes taking place from Paris to Tuscany to Bang...

  • Marc

    Plagued by selection, editing and sequencing issues that would have never made it past a real publisher; that being said, Isabel Allende's A House in Paradise, Rolf Potts's Mr. Benny's Dead Uncle and ...

  • Mike Wigal

    These stories of expats getting homes in other countries bore me. The contractor's a thief. Too many friends want to come. "We dined on rosemary and garlic Wheat Thins delicately laced with vintage Ch...

  • Zoe Richardson

    Only needed to read half for A-level, haven't fully finished analysing etc yet, will update review at the end of the college year!!...

  • Christian Schwalbach

    Dreams fuel for those that wonder about faraway lands and cultures vastly different than our own. This collection of narratives by a variety of writers, novelists , journalists, travel writers, and mo...

  • Rick Bavera

    Interesting short reads about people (those who have been writers, at least at some point in their lives) who have lived "abroad" and had experiences with home ownership or renting, and living in a pl...

  • Jen Warner

    Short stories are great, because they are self-contained and do a lot with just a little space. These excerpts don't have the same sense of clarity and urgency because they are just pulled from larger...

  • Moonstone

    Enjoyed the first few stories about life in other countries but then it fizzled out for me. Some I found quite boring. ...