Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure

All roads lead home when that's where you've left your heart.

Compass Brothers, Book 1

Silas Compton always had his eye on Lucy, the veterinarian's daughter. He was even content to wait for the girl of his dreams to grow up before getting anywhere near her with his family s double-edged legacy.

Waiting around led to fooling around with his best friend, and an impulsive eruption of desire that Lucy s innocent eyes weren't meant to see. Figuring Compton Pass wasn't big enough for either the three of them or the pain he'd caused, Silas let loose his tightly reined wanderlust and headed for Alaska.

Ten years later, when an oil rig accident sends him home, he braces himself for the reopening of old wounds. Instead he finds himself in the care and welcoming arms of Lucy and Colby, whose marriage has plenty of room for the man they both still love - and forgive with all their hearts.

As things start to unravel at Compass Ranch, Silas must dig deep for the strength to assume his rightful place in the Compton family and lay the foundation for a future with his lovers ... IF he can forgive himself.

Warning: This book is overflowing with sexy cowboys who like to saddle up and ride each other as well as the woman of their dreams. The likelihood of becoming addicted to their ranch family is high. With three more stories yet to come, beware. You won't be able to read just one!

Title:Northern Exposure
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    Northern Exposure Reviews

  • jenjn79

    This was another random buy from the All Romance Ebooks website. I had some high hopes for sounded like a great story...but the book didn't really live up to my expectations. Which is disappoi...

  • Auntee

    This one started out pretty good, with lots of promise. But it didn't deliver fully for me. I felt like I knew Silas, one of the main characters, but I didn't feel the same way about Lucy and Colby? N...


    This book was a freebie on Amazon and of course I had to snatch it up. I needed a break between reviewe books and decided that this would be a steamy, quick read to break up the monotony. wa...

  • Shanyn Hosier

    I always wondered what it would be like to write a story with someone, and judging by the highly entertaining author blurb, Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon had a ball.The series is an intriguing take on fou...

  • Dre

    I needed more of the background story on the three main characters. You get a little glimpse of what happened to cause Silas to leave, but you don't get how everything came ot that point. Also I find ...

  • Magen

    God, is was waaaay to sappy for me. I just don't like these MMF books where all three participants act like the other person hung the moon and bursts into tears if either of them has less than 15 orga...

  • Kim  Brewing

    The story was hot, but for me to connect, I needed to know them more. I will definitely read more of the series....

  • Deb B

    a good menage is always a pleasure to read and i liked a lot about this book, however it did have some failures to my mind. Firstly Red, he lost all around, and his love for Silas though not returned ...

  • LaFleurBleue

    It seemed promising, but somewhat failed to really deliver.This book overall is too short, most of the story takes place over only a few days - a few days in Alaska so that one of the hero realized he...

  • Stephanie

    hot, hot and hot. not much plot. I think I better stop....